Toddler girl lovingly comforts dog with separation anxiety


A two-year-old girl knows how to help her grandmother’s dog with separation anxiety. The amazing toddler shows empathy for the upset dog and tries to comfort them after her grandmother leaves the house.

She sits down next to the dog and says, ‘Hi, don’t be sad.’ She pets her gently, and the dog is quiet and peaceful with her. The toddler is right at eye-level with the dog.

She talks to the dog calmly, saying, ‘Grandma gonna be right back soon, Lulu.’ She continues stroking her head and back, and Lulu enjoys the company. The toddler keeps reassuring Lulu that grandma will be back.

Then, she pulls out the secret weapon asking little Lulu if she wants a donut. She holds up a box of donuts for the dog to see, and she holds up one small donut and instructs Lulu to sit.

Later on, she tries to put a band-aid on Lulu’s head while she’s in a dog stroller. The dog seems to enjoy the toddler’s company and attention all the while.

Dogs can suffer separation anxiety when their owners leave for any amount of time. This happens especially if a dog is overly attached to the owner.

When separated from the owners, they become highly anxious and show distress behaviors such as vocalization, destruction, or house soiling.

Owners can help dogs by leaving clothes behind that smell like them. They can give their dog a treat when they go to distract them from the anxiety.

Or owners can just have this cute toddler visit their house and talk and play with the dog to keep them calm! It worked for Lulu.

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