A baby monkey discovered trapped inside a cardboard box undergoes an amazing transformation


When rescue workers discovered an animal, they assumed he was dead. Gito, the tiny orangutan, had been put in a urine-soaked carton and left to die.

He had been living solely on condensed milk and was severely malnourished, notes thepetneeds.

As per International Animal Rescue, Gito appeared mummified,‘ and his scenario was one of carelessness and brutality (IAR).

According to the company’s website, even the most seasoned members of the group were taken aback when they discovered his condition.

Fortunately, due to the efforts of IAR staff, he is eventually living the life that all animals should be treated.

He nowadays can play in the jungle gym, leaping, and look into the camera.

IAR decided to share some pics of him, writing that they are pleased to share these images that demonstrate how far this cutie has come since he was rescued.“

His skin looks much nicer, and he is getting healthier by the day.

The vets are indeed very pleased with his advancement, and he is expected to be released back into nature within a day.

He also becomes more active. He at the very least recaptured the life he deserved.

His healing story illustrates how much great companies like IAR can do in saving living creatures.

View the video below to see this beautiful monkey transformation..

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