A homeless dog that has been chased away by humans is saved by two kind ladies


Lisa and Lisa Chiarelli received a phone call one day from a responsible citizen asking for their assistance in saving a stray puppy.

People would toss stones at the doggie in an attempt to scare him away.

So, during Memorial Day weekend, both volunteers rushed to the spot.

They had a strategy and waited for around twenty to thirty minutes in front of the home.

They then drove around the area looking for the doggie in the surrounding alleys.

They spent almost 5 hours looking for the doggie. Sadly, they were unable to find him.

The responders advised the caller to drop a sheet on the front porch before departing.

The next day, they got a text informing them that the puppy had arrived and was laying on the cover.

They arrived at the residence in a customized cage. They were sad when they saw the puppy because it was covered with wrinkles and scabs.

His face was depressed as well, and his eyes were barely noticeable. His age was unknown to the searchers.

They tied a rope around his neck and gave him chicken bits. Eventually, they were able to place the doggie in a cage and carry him into their vehicle.

The dog was sent to the clinic for a thorough cleaning and treatment of eye and skin problems.

The bath made the dog feel considerably better, and his skin improved a bit.

He began wagging his tail because he enjoyed the petting. He quickly developed into a gorgeous pup.

His hair grew back, and his illnesses had cleared up.

When Amy and Kieran first met the puppy, they knew he was the one for them.

So they accepted him, and he blended in well. Amy had a female Rottweiler as well, and the canines got along well.

He quickly came out of his cage and joyfully welcomed his new existence.

He enjoyed chasing objects and playing with his doggie sister. Despite being an adult, he always acted like a baby.

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