Pictures of a Lizard that fell asleep inside a rose!


Thought this was a fairytale 💚

Would you look at this cute baby lizard sleeping so peacefully inside this rose?

The beauty of nature is infinite, it never ceases to amaze us.

A Texan family was lucky enough to capture these cute pictures of a baby lizard sleeping in a rose. They accidentally stumbled upon this miraculous moment.

The couple’s daughter brought her mother a rose. When the mother took a close look at the pretty rose she found a baby lizard asleep inside the rose. It looks like something straight out of a fairy tale or a Disney movie.

The photos were taken by Cmycherrytree.

It is amazing how the baby lizard fits perfectly in the rose!

It must be pretty comfortable sleeping on a bed of silky rose petals. Don’t you just wish you had a bed made of rose petals?

Sleeping on such a bed would do wonder to the skin!

His very own bed of roses…

He must be in so much love that as he dreamily walks and fall onto the bed of rose thinking it was his lover’s arm.❤️💫

Sleeping in a bed of roses…a dream come true for this lizard.💕

That is so cute, his home smells good and it’s soft, with a pretty color..💖💗

This shows how awesome our God is. A shelter for this little lizard. God thought of every thing!

No better place for such a tiny soul…!

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