The dog, who has lived in the field for all 7 years of his life, offers his paw to ask for mercy


Inna has lived with her dog friend in this field all her life for all seven years.

They had a small shelter that someone had built for them, but they were alone, except when this person brought them food. The dog howled for salvation, it was a heartbreaking sight…

Inna just wanted love and warmth, he showed it. It was not safe for these dogs to stay here, they had to be in a safe place where they could get proper attention.

Inna is the sweetest dog, he continued to take care of Howl Of A Dog in Romania, which he adopts internationally. His girlfriend Zelda continued to support the family in Germany.

And in the update of the YouTube page, it was said that Inna finally found her eternal home in the Netherlands.

From a large empty field to all-day love: care, it’s quite a turn all he deserves in life. Amazing!

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