The puppy runs to the woman in front of his house and asks to join his family


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An unplanned discussion about her cat in front of her seat sparked a new dog companion for Elba when a pup appeared out of place.

And while you were about to review it, rescuing her dog Ellie was not as simple as it seemed. Elba shared her exciting story with DogHeirs as part of our Rescued Dogs are Household collection.

Here is Ellie’s story in Elba’s words.

«In 2018, when I was going to go to work. I was talking to my husband because the cat in my backyard was on the road, I told him I did not want the cat in the front yard because I felt it was safe, I begged him to be.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small dog running towards me, crossing the street. «He immediately rejoiced to see me, as if he knew me.»

After that, he greeted the cat in the fall, but Autumn did not really like the reception, so he warned him that the dog was crying. I realized he was just a baby. Smaller than a cat. I chose her as much as I saw her as a woman.

«My husband said as soon as possible. «DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, JUST GO TO THE FUNCTION.»

I asked, «Can I at least feed him?» He said, «Yes, only on the front balcony.» I did not have pet food, so I left it to the cat, unfortunately, I assigned the function.

Two hours later I called my husband to check if the baby was still there, as he had replied. Yes, it still exists. I quit my job immediately and returned home.

He got the young puppy as he quickly started making lost young puppy leaflets.

After that, I went to get some dog food, just as I was on my way back to the nearest veterinarian’s health center to check if the young puppy had undergone microchips. Surprisingly, he was like that. »

«I was informed that the kitten had actually been rescued from the accumulation, he, along with his mother, as well as many other dogs, had actually been taken to a shelter in the town of the district.

She was actually taken two weeks ago at just 10 weeks old, as her name was Hope.

They called the adoptive parent to let them know that I had actually found their puppy, and he, to everyone’s surprise, hung up the phone at the vet. Then I was informed that I had two options.

I can take him back to the sanctuary where he came from, or I can contact him for 10 days to see if they have changed their minds about him. I chose the last option.

«The next 10 days were sad. I did not want to let go of the puppy, but I realized that I had to wait for that moment.

On the 10th day, the veterinarian called me to say that they had not really heard from the previous owner, as he asked if I was still interested in him. I was jumping for joy, I said firmly.

Her name immediately changed to Elena Luna (short for Ellie), as I was legally her mother. The integrated circuit information has been updated, he has become my friend.

«Ellie is now 3 years old. She enjoys interacting with her brother or sister’s cats, just as she enjoys walking with her mother. He even has his own Instagram account. ”

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