A stray mother dog gets upset when she sees a man trapping his only puppy in the net


Oreo, the Pit Bull-Dachshund mix, was abandoned and lived on the streets for some time. A local man was always feeding her and looking for her, but Oreo did not want to be saved.

Thus, when the man saw Oreo with his only puppy, Cookie Monster, he realized that he had to call a rescuer, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

In this video we see rescuers arriving on the road to rescue Oreo Cookie Monster. When a Cookie Monster is thrown into a busy street, the rescuer uses a net to quickly save his life.

However, Oreo is not happy to see his child trapped in human clutches. When the mother dog starts to complain anxiously, the rescuers decide to call a spare.

Rescuers are asking the man who fed Oreo all this time to help with the rescue operation. When Oreo sees a familiar face, he runs to her and begs her to save his child.

The man reassures her and assures her that Cookie Monster is safe with new people. Finally, rescuers allowed Oreo to kiss his puppy to make sure they were thinking well.

With the dream of a better life, Oreo the Cookie Monster follows the rescuers to the shelter.

After medical examinations, they were taken to a foster home, where they were introduced to a comfortable life as beloved, cherished pets.

As updated by the shelter, the mother-son duo happily adopted an amazing home, renamed Lady and Reptar.

They like to walk around their neighborhood with big smiles, they are known as absolute „brakes“ due to their „deadly“ ingenuity.

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