This beauty is left alone at the door and she is so sad


The surprises are quite big. Especially when the surprise is a gift. What could be better than a surprise gift? SHANK SURPRISE! Do not agree? Writes ilovemydogsomuch

These parents do! They wanted to give their little girl a puppy, but she had been battling eczema and allergies all her life.

Most dog breeds are not allergic, so these parents looked for and finally decided to give their daughter a Cotton de Toulier dog.

They did not tell him about the new puppy and decided to surprise him.

And the boy was glad they did. As soon as she found out who the puppy was for, their daughter was THIS HAPPY. His reaction is amazing.

Parents say they were more surprised by the depth of gratitude their daughter showed for the dog puppy for this surprise than by her squeaks and tears of excitement.

Dogs are amazing companions, we can not expect this family to enjoy its new member.

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