He throws the disabled dog out of the car in front of him, he watches as he leaves


In Brazil, a woman was recorded in security videos as she threw her disabled dog and drove it.

He was seen getting out of his car with two dogs, one of whom was Tintin, a dog without front legs.

He pushes her violently, lets the other dog sit in the car, and leaves quickly. The poor dog is confused, he can only watch how the person he trusts the most in the world runs without him.

Later, the neighbour found the dog and returned it to the woman so that she could leave him again.

This time, fortunately, Tintin was found and brought by the local animal protection service.

Many want this woman to be held accountable, they think she should not be allowed to have pets. We hope, by spreading news, that he was caught to serve a deserved punishment.

Note: The disturbing footage below may be difficult for some people to watch

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