The «ugly» stray dog slept on the side of the road every day, but now look at him


Stray dog Lexi was accustomed to living a cruel life on the streets of Bali. Like many stray dogs in the area, he had a «master» who fed him every day, writes ilovemydogsomuch. tv.

However, having pets was an incomprehensible term in the slum where he lived, as he still had to live his life in the filth and inconvenience of the streets.

In time, Lexi was injured in several places, while her diseased skin was also in poor condition. A man named Jayce noticed his condition and realized that he needed immediate medical attention.

As he was about to leave, he turned to his mother, Julie, hoping he could save the ailing crown.

Julie had a hard time forcing Lexi to trust her. The traps and entertainments did not work badly on the clever Lexie, Julie eventually had to go back to Lexie’s loyal caretaker to see if she could help him.

When the owner realized that Lexi could have a better life off the streets, he immediately grabbed his beloved baby and handed it to Julie.

Whether Lex was worried about leaving her master after being rescued, she soon regained consciousness, realizing that she was being cared for fabulously in a shelter.

When he was cared for and treated for his medical problems, he turned into a stunning fluffy dog.

Lady Luck shone on Lexi when she met a woman named Michelina, who was looking for a companion for her rescue dog. Watch this video to the end to see how Lex’s charming path to Michelin’s heart.

She now lives like a princess with her precious dog brother, away from the cruelty of the streets.

Click on the video below to watch Lexi’s heartbreaking street rescue her memorable journey to her comfortable home forever.

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