An anonymous person donates a large amount of money to the shelter to save the lives of hundreds of animals


The animal care center incurs significant expenses and may exceed any administration.Et there are not always anonymous investments that can improve the condition of the center and solve some problems.

The members of the animal care center located in Torredembarra, Societat Protectora D’animals De Catalunya – SPAC, in eastern Spain, could not believe what was happening.

An anonymous man decided to donate large sums of money to the shelter so that it would not be closed and hundreds of animals could be saved.

The shelter received 70,000 euros.The army tried to find the benefactor, but so far they have not succeeded.They have been heavily indebted for several years

There are a lot of different animals here and since they could not take care of everyone, it was decided that the shelter would be closed.

But the amazing thing happened: now the animals are saved and the center is thriving.This anonymous benefactor can have a clear conscience, he fulfilled the dreams of many people.

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