Please welcome Patron, the doggie who was rewarded with a medal personally from president Zelensky


Introducing you all Patron, this adorable puppy! His name will be with you for an eternity.

Would you like to know the reason?

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky recently presented Patron with a medal of service.

The pup has sniffed out more than 200 bombs in the vicinity of Kyiv. Patron has eventually got the attention he deserved.

The dog together with his owner accepted the awards, and it was an emotive occasion for both of them.

„Today, I would like to reward those Ukrainian warriors who are already freeing our country of mines,“ President Zelensky stated.

And, alongside our heroes, a fabulous tiny sapper – Patron – who not only assists to destroy bombs but also educates our kids on the required safety principles in mine-threatened areas.“

Everything happened on May 8th. The dog received the „For Dedicated Service“ medal, while the owner received the „Order of Courage III.“

This sweetheart is a true hero! Way to go, Patron.

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