The heartwrenching story of a newborn pup without a mother, who just entered life but had already undergone so much sorrow


Peri, Peri, Peri! He’s been born with a cleft lip, split sense of taste, and a problem with his right eye. With just a couple of days old, it’s shrunk and beginning to open up.

It does not seem to be a whole globe that is behind the lid. The Container Brigade saved Peri when he was merely a few days old and didn’t have a mother.

On Day 1: We left Peri off at work to be treated for a few hrs while we were gone. He’s recovered slightly over the night, but he’s still frail and neurologically challenged.

He’s still linked up to IVs and receiving nutrition through a tube. I’m wishing this young guy a blessing.

He’s a marvelous adorable creature. He had a particularly rough night because of his diarrhea.

To keep on top of his losses, we’re feeding him full of liquids. He got a couple of injections today in the hopes of getting his GI system back on course!

Day 6: Perry is healing daily, the loose bowels are lessened but still there, and he will remain with a veterinarian.

He will be continuously monitored and his medical care approach will be followed.

Day 19: Despite the fact that tiny Perry has acquired a severe head droop, he is still a very active little angel.

He’s such a pig, and he adores his pacifier curiously enough, as well as his tube feeding, which he gobbles down like noodles.

I really adore him and I am hoping and praying that whatever is going on with him isn’t tied to hydrocephalus, but he’s got an excellent rescue back him, so we’ll make sure he is getting all he requires to lead his best possible life.

Day 30: Perry is steadily improving every day; how did points get on your good side if nobody is going to be on camera?

Day 35: Perry was doing wonderful and then suddenly he’s slowly passing away, he can’t even handle his sugars, he’s being bloused every hour and also is on an incredibly high dextrose drip.

His tiny body is filthy and also is now getting a plasma infusion, and he’s so feeble.

I have no idea what occurred and it’s torturing me. I’ll never grasp why these marvelous little infants have to go through so much merely to have a normal life.

I haven’t slept because I’m so frightened that I’ll shut my eyes and shed him.

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