Adopted by the firefighter who rescued him, a little pit bull finds bliss and joy


A three-month-old pit bull was rescued in 2016 after being spotted tethered to a large tree during a storm.

Mange had affected the dog. The circumstance prompted firefighters from the Sacramento Fire Department in Sacramento, California, who elected to carry the little child to the department for care.

Mike and his team scooped him up and took him back to the firehouse. They called him Chunk, bathed him, and made sure he is warm and cozy.

The fire service determined that sending the youngster to a refuge where his wounds could be properly treated was the best choice.

He had lost most of his fur due to parasites, so firefighters took him to the Animal Shelter to be cleaned and may be fostered.

As per Shareably, the sanctuary cured his mange and supplied him with clothing to keep him warm till his hair grew back.

His mites were slight, but he would need time to recover. Mike, a firefighter, couldn’t stop thinking about him and returned to the refuge the next day.

He hadn’t forgotten about him, as he greeted him with enthusiasm and excitement.

The firefighter fell in love with this sweet creature and decided to foster him after bringing his family to the sanctuary to see him.

Mike with his wife Carla, and their three children chose to care for him while he was having therapy for his harmless scabies.

After 4 months of waiting since his arrival at the sanctuary, and just after he completed his therapy, the tiny pit bull was eventually able to return home with Mike and his loveful family.

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