This pup has been buying breakfast for his loving grandma every day for the past ten years


This heartwarming tale centers on a devoted doggie that understands how to give back to the person who assisted him in the past.

This doggie used to deliver breakfast to his elderly human grandma who had leg problems.

The dog was just a few months old when his last owner left him. He was a street dog for a while before being fostered by an old woman who became his mate. He had a happy life after that.

The only times the puppy got to play outside with his grandma were when they went to the store to purchase breakfast since his grandma’s feet were so hard for her to walk on.

The pup missed his one and only opportunity to go out with his grandmother when she fell one day when she was out.

He initially felt uneasy, but perhaps because he was pretty familiar with the journey to and from the store, he decided to go there every day after that in order to get her breakfast.

The security was surprised when the doggie initially entered the store by himself and wondered what was going on and why the doggie would do such a thing.

When the pup would depart with a bag of food in his mouth, the officer started to notice.

He seemed to take the initiative to prepare food for the doggie to haul back to his Grandmother every day when he saw the pup coming.

The last time the pup went to the store by himself, rain or shine, to buy food was 10 years ago.

Even though the doggie is now old, he still keeps offering Grandma breakfast every day.

Since he loved his granny so much, he would never allow her to skip breakfast or go without food.

Animals help humans a lot, but humans protect animals even more. Love should always be shown for pets.

People interact with many different people throughout their lives, but a devoted animal just has you in it.

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