This man risked prison sentence to save a dying baby bear he discovered while hiking


Photographer Corey was on a route in Oregon when he came across what proved out to be a dying young bear.

He described the baby as „lying there on his back, appearing to be lifeless.“ His lips were bright purple.

His eyes were open but still and foggy. The rain was streaming down, soaking his stomach. I think I saw a faint gasp.“

„I was thinking about my own newborn son at home.“ The bear appeared to be a newborn.

Was I going to just stand and watch it perish in the downpours? No… „I had to do something.“

As a result, he grabbed the animal and dashed to his vehicle. „The whole period, I was afraid a roaring mom grizzly would attack me.“

When they arrived at the vehicle, the young cub stopped breathing. He used mouth-to-mouth, and the creature began breathing normally.

The savior transported him to the veterinarian, where he is being hospitalized for acute exhaustion and malnutrition.

Nevertheless, he could have been penalized $6,000 for assisting the animal, as per the Oregon Ministry of Fish and Wildlife.

Or, even worse, incarceration for a year. Fortunately, this good-hearted man will not face any penalties. He saved the baby’s life and gave him a second shot at life.

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