When these two met, the cat pounced on her, choosing her as his forever family


Some are just meant to be together…

Most cats who see Kylie’s wheelchair immediately get scared and run away, but that wasn’t the case with Richie. He was absolutely not afraid.

He used to live on the street and knew how to be fearless and overcome all disasters on his own. It looked like the kitty already had experience living in a house, which made her a perfect match for Kylie.

A one rescuer, Chris, having noticed the white cat on the street, started to feed it, after which the blue-eyed kitten kept coming back there every day.

A few days later he even allowed the rescuer to caress him. Paul felt that the baby could become a wonderful rescue cat, so decided to take him to the vet.

He loved to be in the center of everyone’s attention and wanted to be petted and cuddled by his beloved people all day long.

After some time, he adjusted very well and was even ready for adoption.And Larissa Kondacure, who was the owner of the shelter, already knew what Richie’s perfect family would be.

The thing is, Kylie and her mom went to the shelter to adopt a cat a few weeks ago, but sadly they couldn’t find a cat that wouldn’t be afraid of her wheelchair.

And what happened when these two met was simply incredible. The cat immediately jumped on Kylie.Kylie had never been so happy and excited. It was simply indescribable. The kitten felt so comfortable in the arms of his new owner. The formed the sweetest duo ever.

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