Lovely pictures of Kenya’s oldest handsome lion


Morani, a 14-year-old lion, is now the world’s oldest lion in Kenya’s Maasai Mara national sanctuary.

He assumed the title after his sibling, Scarface, died earlier this year.

Leighton, an expert wildlife photographer from Hawaii, managed to capture the spectacular huge cat during a photography training session.

Other wonderful creatures found in the sanctuary include cheetahs, zebras, and other lions.

But it was capturing 14-year-old Morani the cat that he was most enthusiastic about.

He became the resort’s oldest known lion after the death of his sibling in photos.

He was taken aback by the ghostly glance on his face.

„Only by gazing at him, you could indeed say he’s had to go through a lot.“

He went from being a young superstar leader of glory, a king, to be a decided to retire old man fighting for survival in the Mara.“

‚He was part of an alliance of 4 males, and he’s the only one left,‘ He explained.

‚He is a solitary male who was pressed out of the glory by younger, firmer males, which is a biological process in lions because the greatest ones govern the glory.‘

„In overall, adult lions are lazily unmotivated, and can take naps for up to 20 hours a day!“

We saw him in the early hours, then returned at the end of the day to discover him between more than 15 feet away from where we left him.“

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