Every day, the cute puppy brings his toys to his turtle pal


A small pup was brought to his permanent home by his mom almost a year ago. Skippy was the name given to the dog.

When the puppy moved into his new home, he is now a „spark plug.“ He was overjoyed and delighted in his new surroundings.

His new family also had a turtle called Tilly G in the household. They hit it off right away when he encountered the tortoise.

Both had a special connection and couldn’t wait to get together. Skippy and Tilly G enjoyed spending time together as well.

He enjoyed sharing his games with his turtle companion and would carry Tilly G a new toy on a regular basis.

It was either a squeaking toy or a bind. They were like siblings. He would perform a small „butt dance“ for him every morning.

His way of expressing his feelings for his buddy. He was ecstatic every time he saw the turtle.

It was as if he had run into a long-lost close relative he hadn’t seen in a looooong period.

The doggie would offer the turtle smooches, head rubs, and pets. They had an amazing connection from the start.

The doggie was always eager to see the tortoise, and the feeling was reciprocated.

Tilly G, sadly, had a difficult start in life. He was caged and had a broken shell. Fortunately, he was saved by the Humane Society.

Luckily, Tilly G managed to overcome his problems and found his best friend in this cute pup.

Their companionship quickly flourished. They were always looking for new ways to spend time together.

Their bond had become a source of motivation for their mom. They were extremely important to their mom.

Their friendship symbolized unfailing love. They were each other’s worlds, and their mom adored them.

They also served as the beating heart of their mom. If you enjoyed it, please share it with others.

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