On the front balcony, on a chair, was an old dog, the flies were swarming


The Humane Society of the United States has attacked property in Kingman County, Kansas, for allegedly collecting or abusing animals. And when they got there, they saw just that.

About 30 dogs, two cats, a horse, and two lepers were found in unsanitary conditions, simply begging to be rescued.

And one of the dogs that caught their immediate attention was an elderly dog they named Elsie. He was sitting on the front balcony, on a chair, around which flies were circling.

He was so sweet, despite everything he had gone through in life, he’s finally had to be rewarded.

The time has come for Elsie to live a whole new life, thanks to the Humane Society and all her supporters. Every animal deserves to feel love The struggle will continue until the work is finished.

This is for Elsie to live her best life.

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