The poor blind cat couldn’t take it anymore and died last night


Hone B B was a very curious cat who was blind. He now lives in Seattle and hails from the Caribbean.

After this man adopted him, his favorite hobbies were hiking and camping.

He likes to climb on the shoulders of people during long walks. Every time they go camping, they take it on their shoulders.

He loves to listen to the sound of water at the beginning of his outdoor adventures.

Blind or not, which never prevents him from traveling with his owner and exploring the world around him.

He has vision problems, but he has a good sense of the smell of water and drops, which allows him to approach without falling into it.

Unfortunately, he died at night from a serious illness. He was only 7 and a half years old, but he lived a wonderful life for a blind cat.

Goodbye, brave little boy. He always preferred to live better and always wanted to have fun, meet new people, visit new places…

Bee had a wonderful life full of adventure and love, and wherever she went, she was happy.

He created happiness and comfort around him!

Over the years, many people have loved and followed his life, sometimes sending kind messages to console, inspire or give them hope.

He was very friendly and wanted to spread happiness.

Rest in peace Bab Bab

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