After all that horrible things they went through the brothers always remained inseparable


What happened completely changed their fate. We all know that dogs form strong bonds with humans, but sometimes dogs form strong bonds with members of their own species as well.

Sometimes, they make great friends while at the shelter.

Today’s heroes are Apollo and Adonis, who are excellent examples of „tied dogs“.

The future of the brothers was quite uncertain, so they held each other tightly hugged all the time, as if comforting each other.

At first they were in terrible condition when the Drogmans organization came to save them.

Thanks to their kindness, the brothers did not have to stay long in that terrible place where they were treated very badly.

They were immediately brought to their vet and it became clear why they had been abandoned by their owners.

The brothers had heartworms, which is very common in Texas dogs, so they started receiving full treatment.

They had gone through so many difficulties, but they never left each other and remained inseparable.

However, seeing their strong bond, the organization made every effort to find a home that would accept them both.

Fortunately, they succeeded and the story of Apollo and Adonis had a happy ending.

They decided to post the photo of the duo on the Internet and it instantly went viral.

Since then many applications have been received who wanted to adopt the doggies.

So they happily has already found their perfect home. We are so happy for them. The perfect duo will always remain inseparable.

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