A depressed rescued pup had no one to play with until he met a rat and they became best friends


Meet Riff Rat and Osiris, a perfect pair who, notwithstanding their enormous difference in size, are totally inseparable.

Osiris is a Dutch Shepherd, whilst Riff Rat is a rat, as the titile shows.

It was merely 4 weeks old when he was salvaged from certain death.

The pup who was saved after being neglected in a car park, aided it in gaining his wellness.

The doggie was only supposed to remain with the family for a short time, but they were in love with him and chose to keep him eternally.

So it stands to reason that the doggie would be so open and accepting to a fellow, no matter size or lifeforms.

The couple are criminal partners who can’t live without each other; the confidence they have in one another is incredible.

There is a cute video of them just hanging out.

There were initial concerns that the couple would not get along, but these worries swiftly faded.

They liked right away, and they are now indistinguishable.

They’re so connected that pup frequently allows Riff Rat to move up into his mouth to tidy his teeth.

„The creature is fond of licking the insides of his mouth.“

I’m certain you’re curious if we’re worried that the pup will eat it – NO!

„He has assisted in the treatment and adoption of large numbers of animals.

And he is the kindest doggie I’ve ever met,“ their human wrote on Insta.

„Watching them value each other and get such an unforeseen bond shows me a glimmer of optimism for the other of the species that inhabit this globe— particularly people.“

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